The Unit Commander

Ensign Dave NorthcottCadet Unit CommanderTraining Ship Chatham

Having once being a cadet myself, I see my time as a New Zealand Cadet Force Officer as an opportunity to give back to the youth of the today and grow them into the leaders of the future. I wish to give all those under my command the experiences I had and more. For me, training youth is a passion, a passion I take very seriously.

Training Ship Chatham has the motto Loyal and True, I believe this motto contains basic values that all members of the New Zealand Cadet Forces should live by.

For a Cadet Unit to function at its full potential its members need to be loyal; loyal to New Zealand Cadet Forces, their unit and to each other. Loyalty creates integrity and with that integrity, we create an environment that people will feel comfortable to be in. For a unit to work together and to further build its comradeship, every member of that unit needs to be loyal.

The second part of the motto is true; being true means acting in accordance with who you are and what you believe. You cannot be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself. To do this, I challenge everybody to start off with; never be afraid to be who you are! Not being afraid of who you are takes courage, and this is the courage not to fear what other people think of you. So for you to grow as a person and succeed, always be true to yourself and others around you.

If every one of us lives by these values it is the recipe for success.

Being part of New Zealand Cadet Forces means being part of an organisation rich in history; a history we continue to write. Maintaining the high standards of our predecessors and constantly moving towards the future.

High standards will only be reached when those in command display these themselves. I challenge all those under my command to set a standard above those they command, leading the way; not with their rank but with their presence and virtue.

I accept my role with pride, I accept my role for the cadets of New Zealand Cadet Forces because I am here for its members, no matter rank or position that is held.

And lastly the one thing I will always guarantee, as a New Zealand Cadet Force Officer, I will always be loyal and true.